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B2 skull graphic B9

B2 skull graphic B9

3 Column Version of Design 4.5 by B9

Welcome to the three column layout for Blue Too Two. This layout probably needs some work still. Purists will note that I have moved the menus ahead of the content in the source code, due to some trouble I was having with layout. Truthfully, that isn't such a big deal, but I may fix that in a future update. The layout does seem to work fine with no styling at all - so it is good enough for 99.x% of viewers (I hope).


The content area is a little narrow, yes, but I think it is sufficient at 400px width. The text expands fine in browsers - Firefox allows a few text size increases before things get ugly, and IE can take maximum text size without breaking the layout. Opera works fine, too. Please note that I am working with IE7, so I don't know for sure how this works in 6 (please inform me if it breaks or gets ugly). I have paid some attention to IE's issues with the box model, but I may have missed something.

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Blue Too Two now has alternate layouts, as well as a basic print stylesheet.

You can view the alternate styles in Firefox without changing html pages- note that they won't work well, as I changed the xhtml code to use the different layouts . . . but you can . . .

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This layout could be improved upon. Look for more updates in the near future

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Terms of Use

This is an Open Source template. This means it is free to use and modify. I do not place any restrictions on this template, but I do ask that you respect my work. See this section on the main page for ways you can do this.


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Open Source Ideals

Open Source is more than just free- it is an entire philosophy which drives the benefits of technology to the common person- Open Source is about freedom and empowerment to all.

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